A Little Sneak, Slash, and Roguelite with Good Night, Knight Reveal Trailer

Death is the end, except when it’s not.  The hero of Good Night, Knight has been defeated, thrown from the top of the spire and plummeting to certain doom with no hope of survival. It’s the end of the game and a bitter defeat, except for the bit where it’s the very beginning.  Whatever happened at the top seems to have come at the end of some type of epic quest but, with no idea what that could have been, the knight jumps on a handy piece of falling debris and rides it to the ground.  There a new quest begins, and this time maybe it won’t end quite so badly.  The tower awaits, and the Useless Knights camped at the base have prepared the way for a hero to defeat it.

Roguelites are generally about pure action and reaction, requiring the player to dive in and blast through whatever situation they may find themselves in.  Good Night, Knight looks like this on the face of it, and while technically it’s possible to power through maybe that’s not the best course of action.  Enemies can be surprisingly tough, requiring use of every advantage to defeat, so a little sneaky stealthiness will go a long way towards managing the herd and making sure you can get to camp with a nice load of loot.  The line of sight feature means that unknown creatures can be hiding around corners, making barging on through an unhelpful strategy unless you’re incredibly confident in the current weapon and armor loadout.  The stealth may not be a Thief-level requirement but it’s certainly useful in surviving the dungeon, adding an extra layer of tactics to the run & slash action.

Good Night, Knight is coming to Steam and GOG later this year but for right now it’s available in alpha form at itch.io.  If diving in sight-unseen is a bit much there’s also a large demo containing the first ten levels.  It’s a cute and funny adventure through the monster-infested floors of a mysterious spire, with tons of items, weapons, crafting, and various other systems kicking around its menus.  Give a look to the new trailer below, or just head on over to itch.io to grab the demo and experience it first-hand.