Atomicrops Sprouting Into Early Access with Release Date Trailer

From little seeds grow mighty trees, not to mention irradiated vegetables.  The apocalypse finally arrived to eradicate most of humanity but a single farm remains, and with it comes the hope of feeding the survivors.  Assuming the crops can be protected from the hideous mutants who attack in the night, of course.  Atomicrops is a combination of Harvest Moon and a twin-stick shooter, where you tend the farm and create relationships with the townsfolk by day and blast marauders at night.  And frequently day as well, because it’s not like there aren’t already a million things for a busy farmer to do while the sun is up.  The nuclear apocalypse was never going to be easy, but at least it’s surprisingly cute.

Atomicrops is launching on the Epic Games Store on September 5, complete with first week discount.  Buying it Day One nets 50% off, with the savings dropping down a bit at a time as the launch week goes by.  It’s in the EGS version of Early Access, which is also called early access except without the capitalization, and will follow the standard plan of using player feedback to help shape the course of development as it winds up to a full release.  Atomicrops is a cheerful, upbeat doomsday scenario, with plenty of farming, exploration, socialization, and twin-stick high-caliber nuclear mutant shooting action.  Give the release date trailer a look to get a sense of what it takes to run the farm after the end of the world.