Mario Kart Tour Gets Two New Trailers

Mario Kart Tour is the first mobile entry in the series and Nintendo has hyped up its release with a pair of trailers. The first trailer is fairly generic and shows a variety of characters roaming around the various stages. Visually, it looks to be about on-par with Mario Kart 8 and includes things like shortcuts and the ability to change modes for the vehicles with both flight and underwater usage.

The second trailer focuses more on the stages themselves and showcases a lot of the global settings players will be racing in. Japan and Paris are featured alongside what looks to be New Donk City. We also get a taste for how the game will control and it looks intuitive. Nintendo has experimented with mobile gaming for quite a while now, but Mario Kart Tour looks like the most feature-rich mobile game they’ve put out. Those looking for a good kart racing experience on a mobile device should find it here and we’ll see how well the franchise fares on September 25 when it launches on both iOS and Android devices.