Momodora Devs Return With Hyper-Stylized Minoria on GOG, Steam, Humble Store

Bombservice’s Momodora series has allowed them to achieve a greater level of success than ever before and after a bit of an absence since Reverie Under the Moonlight’s release in 2016, they’re back. Minoria changes up the art style and features a much darker look. The characters have no black outlines, but retain their anime-esque appearance – standing out immediately from anything else out there. The character models are also very large and allow for a greater sense of scale when you’re battling larger enemies like bosses that can fill the screen.

Minoria is available now for Windows devices in DRM-free form thanks to GOG and is also available with DRM via either the Humble Store or Steam. Both the GOG and Steam versions launch with a price of $17.99, although the Steam version has a bundle with the OST for $22.48 – a slight savings over getting the game and OST on GOG. If you just want the game, then the Humble Store’s pricing of $16.19 is the lowest available right now.