Freedom Finger’s Message to Those Standing Against Democracy Gets Release Date

The lunar scientists have been taken hostage by terrorists!  How could such a horrible fate have befallen the great men and women who work tirelessly to advance the cause of freedom and liberty across the solar system?  The only way to stand against such an inconceivable evil is with an equally inconceivable ship, and so the Freedom Finger sets off into space to deliver its message of love and peace all-American force.   In painting the symbology of hands is that of agency, the ability to take decisive and forceful action, and the Freedom Finger is nothing but a giant hand.  It’s got one metric buttload of agency and will use it to save the scientists by shooting, punching, and grabbing its way to the moon.

While the art and attitude make Freedom Finger look kind of dopey there’s a smart horizontal shooter waiting to be discovered.  In addition to the standard popgun that fires from the middle digit, the hand-ship can punch debris and enemies to send them flying back across the screen, while punching buttons turns off machinery and opens different passageways.  The grab move is the most tactical, and requires a little knowledge of the enemies to use properly.  Grab a little ship and fling it away to damage anything in its path, but a bigger ship can be held on to for a powerup.  It only lasts until taking a hit, but with a little care you can have a charge beam, spread shot, shotgun, or many more firepower modes to devastate the space-terrorists.  It’s a nicely varied set of skills, and keeps you constantly assessing the next move as the enemy waves fly through.  Plus the soundtrack is excellent, with the background props pulsing and dancing to the beat.

Freedom Finger is coming out on September 27, Steam and Nintendo Switch.  Check out the safe-for-work trailer below, and be aware that the game is fully uncensored unless you choose to turn that feature on.