Capcom Set to Reveal New Resident Evil Game

Capcom look to be ready to tease a new entry in the Resident Evil series, or at the very least, a “new project” according to a teaser, place-holder site having just recently surfaced. Dubbed Project Resistance — with the letters R and E in red — Capcom confirm that they will be revealing some form of teaser related to the project on September 9, with additional gameplay to be shown off at this year’s upcoming Tokyo Games Show.

It isn’t confirmed whether or not this is the next, mainline numbered entry in the series, or is in fact some form of spin-off title. Be it a remake, something akin to the Revelations games — which originally debuted on 3DS before it as well as its follow-up transitioning over to consoles — or even something completely different a la Umbrella Corps. According to the teaser site, the game is so far planned to release across PS4, Xbox One & PC. Check back on September 9 to see what form Project Resistance looks to be taking.