Stop Armageddon or Save Gotham with PlayStation Plus’s Free September Games

It often speaks a lot to a franchise’s quality once it reaches its third main entry, as the excitement of fans and the passion of the developer must continue to remain high years after the release of the original title.

Next week, the third release in two of gaming’s more prominent modern series will both be available for free for subscribers to PlayStation Plus on PS4. On September 3, PS+ members can check out Batman: Arkham Knight, the final piece of Rocksteady’s trilogy of titles based on the world’s greatest detective as he seeks to protect Gotham from an attack by Scarecrow and a number of other iconic villains. Plus, Darksiders III brings the series back after a six year absence as the whip-wielding Horsewoman Fury faces demonic threats in her quest to defeat the seven deadly sins.

For more on the above titles, check out our review of Batman: Arkham Knight, which calls it “beautiful and exciting.”