Take a Deep Dive Into Fourteen Minutes of New Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay

Okay, let’s just skip to the point you all care about the most: Yes, there is new footage of Keanu Reeves in the latest gameplay video for Cyberpunk 2077. Only a bit more at the end, bit hopefully enough to tide you over until the next big showcase for the game. For now, though, CD Projekt Red has supplied us with a fresh “Deep Dive” video showcasing new gameplay, and introducing us a to a few new locations and faces. As the video warns us, though, there may be minor spoilers for those who want to walk into the game blind, so be warned.

The clip introduces us to the new location of Pacifica, an abandoned would-be luxury tourist destination. Currently residing in it are two gangs: The Voodoo Boys and the melee-focused Animals. With the Voodoo Boys wanting us to take care of the Animals, we see different ways to do so, such as a Solo-focused combat run or a Netrunner approach that relies more on stealth and hacking. We also get a deeper glimpse into character customization, and a few other details about the game’s world. Cuberpunk 2077 is due out on April 16, and you had better believe that we’re excited for it.