Yacht Club and Nitrome Team Up For Shovel Knight Dig

When Yacht Club Games released Shovel Knight, one of the things it was lauded for was its perfect emulation of a retro game in both graphics and gameplay, providing perfect old-school action without ever breaking the illusion that in could be an early ’90s NES game. So it only makes sense that Yacht Club would want to work with another developer committed to making games in a similar vein, Nitrome. And this team-up has now led to Shovel Knight Dig, a new adventure for our shovel-wielding hero.

This time, though, we see more of an arcade-style mix of Downwell and Dig Dug, as showcased in the trailer below. We also see a notable graphical upgrade, as the franchise heads into a hi-bit SNES-styled approach. The plot is kicked off by Drill Knight having stolen our hero’s loot, leading them on a chase downward to retrieve it, encountering other foes such as Spore Knight. It appears to be an intriguing blend of the old and new, and we can’t wait to see more of Shovel Knight Dig as it progresses.