Inferno 2’s Burning Neon Intensity Heading to Consoles

Long ago in the wilds of Xbox Live Indie Games there was a series of arcade games with a unique style.  JoyJoy, Crossfire, Ballistic, and several more all had a very clear art and gameplay style, focusing on chaotic arcade action and colorful presentation.  One of the games from that era was Inferno, which like most of Radiangames’ output was a twin-stick shooter, except this one was set in a neon Gauntlet-style series of mazes.  Inferno was upgraded to Inferno+ when it hit PC, and then received a full sequel in 2015.  Now Inferno 2 is on the way to consoles, a little later than one might expect but not a problem for timeless arcade gaming.

Inferno 2 doesn’t have a plot to speak of.  You’re a big circular… thing, traveling through a maze while other circular enemies try to stop you.  The darker walls let bullets through while the bright ones block everything, and there’s a strong upgrade path based on collecting power-ups and killing everything for experience.  The player circle eventually gets four types of primary weapon, four kinds of missile, one special ability (from a selection of four), and rare optional upgrades on its base stats.  All this power is directed at enemies that, individually, wouldn’t warrant so much force but attack in numbers strong enough to put the loadout to the test, not to mention put on a brightly colorful light show when they explode.  It’s not the deepest shooter around but is a ton of fun, the New Game+ mode gives its 80 levels some nice replayability, plus the new two-player mode means it’s just as entertaining with a friend.

Inferno 2 is hitting PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch on September 19.