Banjo Kazooie Available for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Now, New Mode

Banjo-Kazooie was a huge hit for the Nintendo 64 and the characters have been favorites ever since. Because so many fans love them, they were at the top of everyone’s wishlist for Super Smash Bros. games. Now, you get to play as them and a special demonstration was shown by Masahiro Sakurai.

Classic moves such as Forward Roll, Bill Drill, Breegull Bash and others are mainstays for the duo. Kazooie launches eggs in different modes. Wonderwing will keep you invulnerable to many attacks but can leave you open to grabs. Banjo and Kazooie gain an extra boost when jumping which makes them great at recovering. The Mighty Jinjonator is their Final Smash which combines all the power of the Jinjo to launch a massive attack.

Spiral Mountain is a new stage with quite the gimmick. It turns to reveal different ledges and platforms. So, you will have to pay attention when things start to change but it will give you notice. Gruntilda, Bottles and other characters make cameo appearances. And, the stage music was arranged by Grant Kirkhope.

Finally, Home Run Contest makes its return to the series. Smack the sandbag around before landing a final blow to see how far it will travel. Also, Mii Fighters can have customized moves as long as you download the update first. And new outfits are available: Goemon, Protoman, Zero, Team Rocket and Sans.

You can download Banjo and Kazooie for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate starting now. Watch the footage below for a better look at their moves!