The Sky Rent Asunder and Seas Ran as Blood with Cube World Release Window

Well that escalated quickly.  The first major information on Cube World since the alpha’s release and then de-release back in 2013 popped up last week with a 15-minute gameplay trailer, showing off the action-RPG’s character and quest progression over its wonderfully blocky landscapes.  The video made the game seem fairly feature-complete but, without any information one way or another on developer intent, it was hard to say.  As it turns out that was a fairly decent assumption, as evidenced by today’s announcement that Cube World is coming out on Steam in roughly a month or so, with everyone owning the alpha getting a Stem key.  The current target window is “end of September/October 2019”, which feels shockingly quick for a title so long in development.

It would be easy to think Cube World has had a rocky development but that doesn’t seem to be particularly true.  The game received a huge amount of attention back in 2013 far beyond the developer’s expectation, and it ran hot enough that eventually the alpha version was pulled from sale and never updated again.  The original plan was a standard early access-style release, with regular updates along the way, but despite best intentions that didn’t turn out to be a workable plan.  Alpha sales were stopped, anyone owning the game could keep going as long as they wanted in the very playable 2013 version, and developer Wolfram von Funck ran mostly silent aside from semi-annual updates on his Twitter account.  There was a total of one public-facing issue during development and that was the alpha release, and that’s six years gone at this point.  Now the game is finally wrapping up with a release window roughly a month away, give or take a few days, and it will finally be time to wander an endless blocky world in search of whatever adventures it hides.