Throwback Bundle Offers Diverse Mix for $2 on Fanatical

Fanatical’s bundles have been some of the best out there for the past year – especially with high-quality Humble Bundles being fewer in number. The new Throwback bundle is a fantastic value for those seeking a dip into the past at a super-low price point. For a mere $2, you get Brave Battle Saga, Radical Rex, Nightshade, The Dame Was Loaded, Dragon View, Minskies: The Abduction, and Spellcasting 101-201-301. With Brave Battle Saga, you can enjoy a legit Sega Genesis/Mega Drive RPG in English for the first time ever.

Radical Rex gives you a colorful 16-bit platformer, while Nightshade is an NES point and click-style adventure game with a gothic and dark design that wasn’t normally seen. The Dame Was Loaded gives you an FMW film noir, while Dragon View offers up dungeon-crawling with side-scrolling that is now more of the norm than it was then. Minskies is a super-colorful puzzler, while Spellcasting offers up some magic and sorcery in a three-pack. For only $2, if you just want any one of these games, then it’s definitely worth the money.