Screenshot Saturday Featuring Insurmountable, Gripper, Many More

Ah, Screenshot Saturday! Time once again for those working hard on various indie games to share little snippets of their creations, showing us little bits of development while gaining a bit of promotion as well. Again, though, this week’s edition was almost postponed, in this case due to technical issues. And a slight glut of k-pop tweets abusing the #screenshotsaturday tag popped up yet again as well, so things haven’t been one hundred percent pleasant. But enough about my issues, let’s get on with the show already, and check out some impressive games…

Recompile- And kicking things off with the first of three games that have basically become mainstays here by now, we actually have a video that sees how experimentation can potentially lead to memorable enemy/boss battles in your 3D metroidvania game…granted, I’m not sure if this is the intended way of defeating them, but it’s still an impressive sight nonetheless.

GRIME- Moving back to 2D metroidvania games, we get to see a nice example of how to make your various weapons fun to play with by delivering a satisfying impact. An appropriate boom as opposed to a bust, one might even say. But given the size of the head on that enemy, maybe some sort of large “buster” is indeed necessary…

Resolutiion- Piles of junk, graffiti, unique enemies, massive paper airplanes…yep, just the kind of window dressing a retro action game needs in order to help it stand out. It all paints the portrait of an intriguing world to explore, so here’s looking forward to yet even more of it.

Insurmountable- Well, games like Descenders have given us roguelike downhill sports games, so why not go in the opposite direction?…Well, okay, Descenders also already did that as an April Fool’s joke as well, but rock climbing and roguelike games seems like a unique and winning combination, so kudos to the developers here as well! The style and gameplay seem quite impressive, so we can’t wait to see more!

Three of June- Moving back to video game weapons for a moment, again, the satisfying impact when using one is quite important. But so is attention to detail, hence the impressive bullet marks seen here, a sign that a lot detail is going into making this action game a success. After all, without bits of realism like this, the game about a futuristic teddy bear that hijacks a combat robot would seem ludicrous, right?

Gripper- And speaking yet again about weapons and satisfying impacts…well, given that this is an action/RPG game where you drive around in a car with a huge hook dragging from the end of it that is used to yank the hearts of kidnapped loved ones out from giant robots, it kinda feels like mere explosions would pale in comparison to the rest of the game. Still, satisfying explosions it does indeed deliver.

Mad Streets- Dennis, allow me to point out that between a yogi that can breathe fire and stretch their limbs, a boxing luchador that spits in your eye, and a vampire that can turn their opponents into women to seduce, among many others, you can NEVER be too silly with fighting moves in video games. Besides, stuff like this fits the style of the game perfectly, as well as the “beat-’em-up for hire” central concept.

The Iron Oath- And yet again, we head back to the topic of paying attention to the little details when it comes to powerful blows and attacks. This time we look at critical hits, and indeed, this is one fine example of how to do them correctly. The zoom, the flames, just the right amount of shake…critical details for a critical hit.

Waking- Creating procedurally generated worlds in 3D action/adventure games such as this may seem tricky, but seeing all of the various steps that go into making each of these worlds is always an absolute delight. This should mean that the final game hopefully has a ton of impressive mental realms to explore.

Minion Valley- If you’re wondering, the trailer in question can be found right here. A mobile game where you strategically bash away enemy towers while managing factories to get resources needed for new tools of destruction sounds addictive enough to sell itself, but a gorgeous little shot like this for the trailer doesn’t hurt.

Noita- He who lives by the kicks, dies by the kicks. Especially in a world where every pixel is simulated and massive damage can occur to anything at anytime.