Kingdom Hearts III ReMind TGS Trailer Reveals New Gameplay, Story Elements

Square Enix today dropped the TGS trailer for Kingdom Hearts III’s ReMind DLC, teasing new gameplay and story surprises.

Kingdom Hearts III is about to get a lot bigger this winter when the ReMind DLC drops. Similar to a Final Mix version of previous Kingdom Hearts titles, ReMind adds a ton of new content. Those who purchase ReMind can expect new weapons, story elements, playable characters, and features.

The trailer confirms that Data Battles are back, allowing players to challenge already defeated bosses. In the footage, Sora is seen dueling a data Xigbar. It also appears that Reaction Commands might be back, though that’s a little more vague. As for new Keyblades, it looks like Oathkeeper and Oblivion might be back. Storywise, expect to see more classic characters who had little to no screen time in the base game, including the Master of Masters, Namine, and the Lingering Will.

Kingdom Hearts III is available now on PS4 and Xbox One. The ReMind DLC is out this winter. Be wary of spoilers if you haven’t beaten Kingdom Hearts III yet.