OUTBUDDIES Set to Bring a New Twist to Metroidvanias in October

OUTBUDDIES has been in the works for six years now, and in that time, we’ve seen the Metroidvania sub-genre flourish and change. Games like Axiom Verge and Timespinner have taken the root of what that kind of action-platformer is and modified it. OUTBUDDIES does that with a lost world set in a sci-fi environment and uses a very unique color palette to bring its world alive. Amid the usual mix of black and dark blue lies a sea of neon. This allows the game to stand out right away and remain beautiful no matter what.

Beyond just looking good, OUTBUDDIES also moves a lot faster than mania MV-style games. You move at a brisk pace and not a slower, deliberate pace that is both a blessing and a curse. Being able to move slower allows for greater planning on one hand, but has also led to even modern-day masterpieces of the sub-genre like Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night feeling like a game that’s 20 years old with a new coat of paint instead of something more modern. Outbuddies looks quite promising – with local co-op making things a bit different as the second player can do things like help solve puzzles – so if you know someone who is better at puzzle-solving than you are as an action-centric player, then give that mode a shot. Outbuddies is due out in October for PC and looks like a must-buy for anyone who loves not only a good sci-fi game, but also craves a fast-paced Metroidvania.