Star Ocean: First Departure R Heads West This December

The Square Enix remaster spree continues with Star Ocean: First Departure R. Details have been scarce since the initial announcement earlier this year, but Square Enix has finally decided to bring everything out into the light with a brand new trailer.

It looks like Star Ocean: First Departure R will be getting the now-standard Square Enix, classic RPG remaster treatment. The game’s presentation has been improved across the board, with crisp sprites, updated character portrait artwork and newly recorded dialogue for every character. Players will now also have the option to freely switch between English, the classic Japanese and the new Japanese voice work.

The remaster has also received a couple of mechanical¬† improvements in the form of a newly-rebalanced combat system and “2x Speed Mode,” both of which should keep players moving through the game at a more engaging pace. Assuming it all comes together like it should, this could very well turn out to be one of the best Star Ocean experiences to date.

Star Ocean: First Departure R launches on December 5 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.