Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Monster Guide

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is here and with it a new collection of deadly monsters waiting to be fought. In total there are 27 total new monsters that have joined the New World to fight and below will be convenient lists where hunters can gather helpful information for fighting each one! Please note that not all official renders for monsters are available at this time, so we will be updating them regularly as Capcom releases them in addition to adding other new monsters released via updates.

There are three main categories of monsters. New monsters, who are unrelated to any of the existing monsters; Variants, which are related to either the new or existing monsters very closely; and finally Subspecies, which are also related to new or returning monsters but are more vastly different in some way. In order to fight any of these monsters, players must first purchase the Iceborne expansion or have bought the Master Edition which includes both the original and Iceborne expansion together. After that, they will need to beat the base story before continuing on into Iceborne content. None of the monsters here are found in Low or High rank and are Master Rank exclusives. So without further ado, check out the three monster categories below!

New Monsters