Sayonara Wild Hearts Speeds By on September 19

Yesterday’s Apple Arcade announcement showcased a lot of promising new games to be available for Apple’s service when it launches this month, and with the launch date coming up soon, it’s only natural that several of these games reveal new details or put out new trailers. One of these games would be Sayonara Wild Hearts, the upcoming rhythm/action/arcade game from Simogo and Annapurna Interactive. We’ve been pretty vocal about how impressive this colorful adventure has been so far, and now we only have to wait just over a week from now before we can get the full experience.

The launch trailer below serves as quick glimpse of what to expect. A touch of runner gameplay, a dash of rhythm elements, a splash of bright, surreal graphics, and of course, some insanely good music. And really, that description can’t do it justice. No description probably could, arguably. This is a unique “pop album video game” you’ll likely have to play to believe. And you’ll have a chance to do so on September 19 when Sayonara Wild Hearts comes out for iOS via the launch of Apple Arcade, with Switch and PS4 versions also simultaneously appearing that day as well.