Killer Queen Black Finally Comes Home on October 11

Killer Queen has been a hit arcade game for quite a while now, and the home version, Killer Queen Black, has been highly anticipated ever since its announcement in 2018. After a few delays, the game then set a goal for this Summer, and while it has to miss that release window now, developer Liquid Bit has now proudly announced the official release date today. And as seen below, they managed to make said announcement with a pretty cool trailer.

Aside from giving us a nifty little bit of animation, the new video serves as a refresher on how to play the game. In a 2D Joust-style arena, two teams of players control either Workers, Soldiers, or the Queens, and aim for one of three victory conditions. As we can attest to, things get rather chaotic and fun quite quickly, as everyone dukes it out and tries to figure out the best strategy. Killer Queen Black is due out on October 11 for Switch and PC, with an XB1 version to follow later.