RetroMania Wrestling Coming to Xbox One

RetroMania Wrestling has been in the works for a while and beyond coming to the Switch, it will now be coming to the Xbox One alongside its original announced release on the PC and Switch. The game aims to follow up on the legendary WWF WrestleFest – an arcade gem that perfectly captured the WWF of the early ’90s and was years ahead of the curve in North America when it came to having accurate roster movesets. So far, RetroMania has a healthy amount of wrestlers – with a mix of modern wrestlers and legends, including the Road Warriors, the Blue World Order, Tommy Dreamer, and people that haven’t been in a game before like Austin Idol and before the newest DLC for Fire Pro Wrestling World, Zack Sabre Jr.

The overall roster is set to be anywhere from 12 to 16 at launch and will include one on one matches, tag matches and battle royal. Each roster member will have several attires to showcase different eras in their career. RetroMania Wrestling is set for an early 2020 release across all platforms and will be the only pro wrestling game released for the Switch over the next year. If you grew up loving WrestleFest or its predecessor WWF Superstars, give it a look. We’ll be keeping a close eye on it as the release draws near.