Knights and Bikes Receives Accolades Trailer

Developers Foam Sword and Double Fine seem to have been charming over players and critics alike with their new action/adventure game, Knights and Bikes. It won over quite a few people in the lead up to its release as well, garnering awards at events such as E3. So it should come as no surprise that we now have a new trailer for the game showcasing its various accolades that it’s earned with its recent release, which you can check out below as always.

The trailer itself focuses on praise towards the game’s storytelling and the ability to perfectly capture childlike wonder, but we also get to see snippets of gameplay in between. Notably, you can catch some glimpses of the more gleefully odd moments in Nessa and Demelza’s adventure towards uncovering the mysteries of Penfurzy, so if you’re intrigued, it may be worth checking out. Knights and Bikes is now available for PC and PS4, for those young at heart.