Hot Lava Blazes Towards a September 19 Release

Well, September 19 suddenly became the go-to release date for several notable games. So far this week we’ve seen Sayonora Wild Hearts, Mutazione, and the launch of Apple Arcade suddenly preparing for that date. And now we have Hot Lava, the first-person runner/parkour game from Klei Entertainment to add to that list. And as we’ve been heavily charmed by this game before, you can bet that we’re excited for this release.

Now, as the game’s premise is that of playing an extreme version of “The Floor is Lava” with animated action figures using your childhood imagination, it only makes sense that Klei would give the characters behind these action figures a lot of personality. Hence the trailer accompanying the release date taking the form of an in-game cartoon called G.A.T., clearly taking inspiration from the likes of G.I. Joe, as seen below. In it, we see our team of heroes dealing with the sudden loss of one of their members. They definitely seem to have a good parody of old Saturday morning action cartoons underway, so it should be interesting to see how this all plays out in the game alongside backdrops of lava-filled bedrooms, schools, superstores, and more.

Hot Lava will arrive for the PC on September 19, with an Apple Arcade version to follow later. Now we just have to find room to fit it into our schedule…