Mutazione Set For a September 19 Release

In most video games, traveling to an exotic land that was hit hard by an apocalypse and is now filled with mutants as a result tends to end with a fair amount of violence. But Mutazione, the new adventure game from Die Gute Fabrik, instead finds you befriending the mutants. And instead of spreading gunfire, you’re spreading gossip. Described as a “mutant soap opera,” the unique title now has a release date, as seen in the launch trailer below, which just happens to be next week.

Mutazione has players taking control of Kai, a girl who heads to the titular resort community in order to take care of their sick grandfather. While there, she’ll engage in activities such as barbecues and boat trips, making some odd friends along the way. The video also emphasizes the ability to gather seeds and plant a musical garden that assists everyone, along with a look at more of the colorful citizens and the darker journey Kai has to undertake. Mutazione comes out on September 19 for PC and PS4, and looks to hopefully be an interesting tale.