Gears 5 Reaches Three Million Players in First Week

On September 6, The Coalition released the latest entry in their sci-fi cover shooter franchise, which our review claims makes “substantial strides to evolve Gears into a bigger and better shooter.”

That initial date saw the release of the Ultimate Edition of Gears 5, with the public launch taking place on September 10, and since its launch the title has broken numerous records. In its first week, Gears 5 reached three million players across Xbox One and PC, making the game the most-played first party title in its first week for Microsoft this generation, more specifically since 2012’s Halo 4 launch. On PC alone, Gear 5 became the biggest ever launch for Game Pass on PC since its debut earlier this year and the best-ever Steam release for a Xbox Game Studios title.

For fans looking for their next Gears fix, Gears Tactics is still in the works with an unconfirmed release window.