Generation 5 Pokémon Being Added to Pokémon GO Today

There have been some teasing images posted in the last couple of weeks for the arrival of gen 5. Now, Pokémon trainers can head out and discover new species in Pokémon GO as native Unova region Pokémon will begin appearing.

Pokémon Black and White introduced us to over 150 Pokémon and they are coming to the mobile game starting today. You’ll find the likes of Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Blitzle, Foongus and more. Some eggs are already known to have Klink, Litwick and Golett inside, among others.  The special Unova Stone item will allow for the evolution of some Pokémon. And there are Pokémon only native to certain areas of the world. It will be quite a challenge catching them all.

Learn more from the official Pokémon GO website and check out the announcement video below.