Wall Run and Angel-Gun in Arsenal Demon Demo

Mecha-angels are the worst.  All a heavily-armed Arsenal Demon wants to do is parkour around an intricate city block as if anti-Judge Dredd decided to do a little Mirror’s Edge in his free time, and the angels just can’t have it.  The come drifting in with their neon-drill-bit faces looking to bring an end to such frivolity, not really taking into account that poking someone with their face-drills requires that individual not shotgunning them out of the sky.  What they lack in tactics they make up for in numbers, though, and once the demon has blown enough of them out of the sky they even call in for some ranged-attack backup.  Arsenal Demon’s run will be measured in seconds, or maybe single-digit minutes with practice, but it will be a scenic tour of the city from the ground level all the way up to its highest spires.

Arsenal Demon released its demo on Steam today and it’s a fast-paced arena shooter featuring high-speed movement and an endless supply of mecha-angels.  The goal is to survive as long as possible, tearing through the city block any way you see fit, keeping an eye out for powerups and any opportunity to use the many exploding barrels to your advantage.  The demon comes with a choice of two weapons, double jump, wall run, and super-fast sprint, and rather than take damage from falling it instead gains a massive speed boost on landing.  It’s not a game about tactical action but rather always moving, because the best tactic when swarmed is to put some distance between you and the enemy.  Not too much distance, though, because time spent running away is time that the score multiplier drops, and that’s no way to get on the leaderboard.

The full release of Arsenal Demon isn’t until October 8 but you can get its demo on either Steam (here) or itch.io (over here).  Or, if that seems a bit much, there’s a gameplay video of dual shotgun action below.