Gun Customization Hits Heavy in the Best Ways in Ambrosia

When it comes to exploring a dangerous island filled with deadly enemies, it would be nice to have the artillery to back up the constant fighting and crazed monsters. Ambrosia is a title aiming to do just that, with an emphasis on a creative weapon that players can tweak as they play and uncover even more options. There’s a lot at risk and knowing that there’s a way to approach every fight will be mandatory in order to help save everyone before things get even worse.

The tale begins on the island of Aspida, where a mysterious new innovation they’ve called Ambrosia. Unfortunately things turn dark and go awry, turning the scientists at work there mad and crazed. Iris, an engineer, decides it’s up to her in order to set things right. With her skills in her back pocket and a weapon in her hands she decides to travel across Aspida in order to find the source of the Ambrosia and put a stop to it and what danger it’s wrought on the scientists.

Ambrosia is a metroidvania-styled action platforming with an emphasis on coming up with new weapons in order to explore the island. Iris, being a genius engineer, is able to upgrade her weapon in order to help her get through waves of dangerous enemies that stand in her way. Initially her gun will be a simple blaster but as she explores she’ll find upgrades that will change the bullet type, range, width and more. The goal is sheer variety for the player to find what works best for them in every situation. Can’t reach a certain enemy up high? Switch to some wider-ranged weapons that will be sure to hit them. This creative variety makes experimentation a fun part of the game, as there are four different ways the gun can be changed up in order to make tons of unique different types of ways to play.

Aside from having fun experimenting with the different weapon options, players will spend much of their time exploring each area they come across. Each area has dead ends, secrets to be found and ways to escape but it will take time to get to them. Coming across new abilities for Iris will allow her to traverse brand new areas, such as a wall jump in order to climb higher.

It’s always wonderful to see a new type of exploration title, especially one that is heavily focusing on its weapon system and giving players tons of variety without one strict way to fight or take on enemies. There’s a ton to like about Ambrosia so far, including its wonderful pixel style and fantastic music while exploring each area. Ambrosia is currently aiming to launch in mid 2020 and those interested can be sure to keep an eye out on their Steam page and official site as it gets closer to release.