Humble Builder Bundle Now Available

The Humble Bundle is back with an all-new kind of bundle – the Builder bundle. As the name implies, it focuses on creation-centric games and includes a variety of different types. Beyond city-building games, you also get sillier ones to add some variety to the mix. For $1 or more, you can get When Skilifts Go Wrong, Tricky Towers, and Concrete Jungle. Beating the average of around $4 gets you Portal Knights Bridge Constructor Portal, and SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell. For $10, you get everything there alongside Staxel. Concrete Jungle is a top-notch puzzle-centric variant on the city-builder sub-genre, while Portal Knights blends action RPG mechanics with Minecraft-style sensibilities. Staxel gives you a Minecraft-style visual design along with a bit of Animal Crossing as you can fish, build, and explore your world. If you want to try the genre out, then at least get the $1 tier and see if anything there scratches the itch for you.