October’s A Day with Pikachu Figure Revealed

The crispness of autumn is in the air which means the next A Day with Pikachu Funko figure has been revealed. October is the favorite month among many! Pumpkins, candy, costumes and spookiness are staples of the season so you will see Pikachu including some of those features.

This figure depicts Pikachu along with a Pumpkaboo having fun in a pile of leaves. One has even landed on Pikachu’s head! Such an adorable duo enjoying the colorful leaves is too cute to resist. A collectible like this is perfect to display during September, October and November. It’s a good choice for multiple months!

Check out some images below for a better look and place your orders now on the Pokémon Center website. And be sure to browse through Halloween-themed Pokémon products.