BioWare Ditches Current Anthem Roadmap to Focus on Fixing ‘Core Issues’

BioWare has confirmed they’re taking a step back from their current roadmap to focus on fixing Anthem.

It’s no secret that Anthem has gone down as one of the biggest blunders in EA and BioWare’s history. The looter shooter was supposed to be EA’s answer to Destiny, Warframe, and The Division. In the end, crippling bugs, glitches, and bad game design left Anthem a shell of what BioWare first promised at E3 2017. Around launch earlier this year, BioWare trotted out a roadmap promising content to come in the months after release. However, the game to this day remains so broken that the majority of that roadmap never materialized.

In a new blog post, BioWare’s Chad Robertson discussed the future of Anthem and the elusive roadmap. Essentially, that roadmap is toast as the team refocuses it’s efforts on fixing core issues in Anthem. That’s not to say the team doesn’t intend to provide players with new content. Rather than the content being delivered as part of ‘Acts,’ it’ll now be delivered via seasonal updates. How frequent these updates will be, however, is unknown.

Anthem launched back in February on PS4, Xbox One, and PC to overwhelmingly negative reviews. Despite an interesting premise and great flying mechanics, the game ultimately failed to deliver on every front. From the story to gameplay to world design, Anthem just never delivered what other entries in the genre were already doing better. While BioWare has promised to fix the game, it seems too little too late. Destiny 2 is gearing up to launch its next major expansion in October, Warframe is still going strong, and The Division 2 successfully launched in March.

We’ll let you know should BioWare or EA announce anymore news regarding Anthem.