John Wick Hex Gets Set Off on October 8

Have we made it clear that we’re excited for John Wick Hex yet? After all, seeing a developer like Bithell Games craft a unique turn-based strategy game out of one the most acclaimed action movie franchises of recent years is something that doesn’t happen everyday. We’ve been wondering for a while when exactly the game would see a release, though, and today we have our answer. John Wick Hex is now set for an October 8 release date, meaning we now have less than a month to go.

The release date was announced via a new trailer, seen below. In additional to showing off more of the gameplay, we also get a further peek into the game’s story. Taking place before the first film, John Wick Hex sees Winston and Charon, the owner of The Continental Hotel and its concierge, being help captive in a secret location. The villain behind it is a mysterious figure known as Hex, and from the looks of a few other figures, it appears that he has his own colorful band of assassins/minions in tow. Hex also happens to have Troy Baker doing the voice for his character, alongside Ian McShane and Lane Reddick reprising their respective roles as well.

Prior to the game’s release, a panel will be held on October 5 at New York Comic Con to discuss the making of the game, featuring Mike Bithell and some special guests. Then John Wick Hex comes out for PC and Mac via the Epic Games Store on October 8, with console versions to follow later. Stay tuned to Hardcore Gamer for our eventual review of it.