Slice of Life Puzzler Where Cards Fall Now Available on Apple Arcade

So Apple Arcade has launched today, and judging by the first reactions, the service appears to be an initial success. But while it boasts over a hundred games at launch, a certain amount of them seem to have surprisingly sprung back up after lying dormant when it comes to developments. Case in point, Where Cards Fall. Developed by the Los Angeles-based The Game Band, the puzzler was first announced in mid-2016, announced its platforms a few months later in Early 2017…and then it just felt like it disappeared after that. And now, tah-dah! Here’s Where Cards Fall, not only now an Apple Arcade exclusive, but a launch game as well. Not that we’re complaining, though. We’re just happy to see it finally come out!

As the title suggests, and as seen in the trailer below, the game centers around cards as a central mechanic. Specifically, houses of cards, which you build in order to view the memories from the lives of our characters, in a coming-of-age story. A coming-of-age story that just happens to involve several pairs of creepy eyes, as the clip also shows. With fifty puzzles to get through along with an intriguing style and story, Where Cards Fall seems like a good fit for Apple Arcade, so feel free to check it out.