Afterparty to Kick Off Its Hellish Festivities on October 29

Night School Studio’s follow-up to Oxenfree, Afterparty, is shaping up to be another excellent adventure game, as we’ve discussed before. And we’re eagerly awaiting the game’s eventual release, but when exactly would be the best time to release a game set in Hell where you have to party with several demonic denizens for the chance to beat Satan in a drinking contest? Why, close to Halloween, of course! Which is why we’re glad to hear that Night School have now officially announced an October 29 release date for the game.

The announcement was made through the official PlayStation blog and Xbox’s news site, where Creative Director Sean Krankel goes into greater detail about the game, discussing how the game’s world is built. Described as having “elements of ‘Bill & Ted,’ ‘Beetlejuice,’ and ‘Rick and Morty,'” the game certainly has a comedic bent, but will also explore the highs and lows of a long-term friendship through its two leads, Milo and Lola. An exploration that just happens to involve beer pong and notable amounts of booze that can affect your dialogue, among other things. Afterparty will arrive on October 29 for the PC via Epic Games Store, PS4 where it will have a dynamic theme, and on XB1 where it will also be available via Xbox Game Pass the same day.