New Deltarune Music Released by Toby Fox

Toby Fox shocked everyone when he suddenly released the first part of the follow-up to his RPG phenomenon Undertale, Deltarune, on Halloween last year. But as Toby Fox tends to be quite enigmatic, mysterious, and – let’s be honest – a bit of a troll, we haven’t received many new details on this latest game since then. But now, Toby has taken to Twitter to share some new music from Deltarune, which you can check out below.

The new tracks are quite incredible on their own, but certain elements about them may be worth nothing. First we have the peppy “Welcome to The City” tune, which is notably accompanied by a shot of Kris in an urban city, which isn’t present in Deltarune’s first chapter, and has Kris in their Dark World form to boot. Of course, these could simply be placeholder sprites and graphics. The second is a slower, more emotional track called “Lost Girl (Noelle),” though.

When the game was first released, Noelle was simply one of Kris’ classmates, and came across as more of a bit player or a secondary character. But fans have since theorized that Noelle could play a bigger part in the final game based on various factors, or even become a party member. And then Toby replied to the theme (as also seen below) saying that there will be different versions of the song, playing it over sprites of Noelle’s face alongside Susie and Ralsei…the other party members alongside Kris, further strengthening the theories. Of course, for now, this is all speculation, and we don’t even know when to expect the rest of Deltarune yet, but even its music is proving to be quite interesting, just as it was for the first game.