New Gameplay Trailer Released For Mistover

Announced earlier in March of this year, South Korean developer Krafton suddenly found themselves with one of the surprise darlings of PAX East in the form of Mistover. The roguelike dungeon crawler won over several players, with many lining up for long stretches to play it. So needless to say, many of these players were pleased when an October release date was announced for the game, along with a PS4 version. And now, with less than a month to go until the game’s release, Mistover receives a new gameplay trailer showcasing a bit of what players can expect, which you can naturally check out below.

Taking place in the titular realm, the game centers around a group of heroes having to venture into the Pillar of Despair, part of a vortex that is unleashing a ton of deadly creatures upon the land. The goal is to learn about the creatures in order to prepare for further attacks, and doing so means not only exploring and facing these creatures in combat, but risking exposure to the Mist, which can warp one’s body and mind. The new clip shows off several of the game’s classes, their skills, various parts of dungeon exploration, and some combat. Mistover is due out on October 10 for PC, Switch, and PS4, with a demo available now to check out as well.