Ryu Hayabusa, Achilles and Hades Announced for Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate

Three new additions to the roster for Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate were revealed today: Hades, Achilles and Ryu Hayabusa as the roster of playable heroes rises from 170 to 177. Hades is the god who rules over the dead and underworld, joining his brother Zeus in his campaign against Odin and to unravel the mystery of Odin. Achilles is one of the greatest warriors of Greece, hero of the Trojan and battling for honor and fame. Ryu Hayabusa is one of gaming’s favorite ninjas, first appearing in Ninja Gaiden and making guess appearances in Dead or Alive and Warriors titles. Warriors Orochi 4 Ultimate is scheduled for a Feburary 14 release for PC, PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox One and introduces new story content and game modes along with new characters. Thoughts on the original Warriors Orochi 4 can be found in our review.