Capybara Games Slashes Onto Apple Arcade With Grindstone

So we’ve seen a lot of notable titles highlighted as part of Apple Arcade over this past week, yet we’ve strangely seen very little in the way of traditional puzzle games. Which is odd, because it’s one of the genres that’s arguably most associated with mobile gaming. Well, leave it to none other than Capybara Games to help fill that void. With titles such as Critter Crunch and Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes under their belt, the developers certainly have experience with the genre, after all. And as seen in the trailer below with their new game Grindstone, it looks like they haven’t lost their touch.

On the surface, the gameplay seems simple. You line up several cute and cuddly critters with matching colors…and them mercilessly carve a path through them, slicing the ones in your path into ribbons. Across a hundred and fifty levels, you’ll make your way up Grindstone Mountain, battling huge bosses, looting resources, and crafting gear along the way. Grindstone is available now as an Apple Arcade exclusive, and should definitely serve as another feather in the service’s cap.