Dialing Into the Beat with Spin Rhythm XD Announcement Trailer

Ah, music!  Is there any limit on the number of ways to play with it?  After roughly 40,000 years of musical toys there are still new permutations showing up on a regular basis, with the latest being Spin Rhythm XD.  Spin Rhythm XD uses a dial of red and blue at the bottom of the screen to catch the red and blue notes flowing down the track, with occasional scratch-spins to the left or right and a beat button to nail the green bars.  The little colored pips just need to line up with the dial’s matching colored indicator, while the glowing rectangular blocks take a button-hit to nail.  In an arcade that would make for a two-button plus spinner setup, but at home there are multiple ways to control the musical cascade.  Mouse is the most accessible, granting easy analogue control of the dial, but if you’ve got the DJ gear you can also use the its touch-sensitive spinners to more fluidly follow the beat of over thirty high-energy EDM tracks of the pending Early Access launch.

Spin Rhythm XD hits Steam on October 22, but to make the month-plus wait a little easier there’s the announcement trailer below.  It’s been around 40,000 years since the first musical instruments so waiting a month for a new musical toy doesn’t seem so bad in comparison.