Old-School Beat-‘Em-Up Fight’N Rage Hits Switch and XB1 This Month

There are loads of notable indie games that come out each month, and when certain ones fly under your radar, you can just kick yourself. For us, one of those games would be Fight’N Rage, a colorful old-school beat-’em-up that first hit Steam in September of 2017. Inspired by ’90s arcade classics, developer sebagamesdev’s title has since racked up tons of positive reviews from players over the last couple of years. And now, with some assistance from BlitWorks, several of us will have a second chance to give Fight’N Rage a whirl when it hits Switch and XB1 next week.

Set in a future where mutants have enslaved humanity, the game sees you playing as either Gal, a female kickboxer, F. Norris, a mysterious ninja, or Ricardo, a rebelling minotaur-esque mutant, with the goal of bringing peace back to Earth. Peace that can only be achieved through countless kicks and punches, of course. And which can be doled out with the assistance of one or two friends. Fight’N Rage also features multiple paths, cutscenes, and endings, along with several unlockables that includes new modes, diffiiculty settings, and more than twenty additional characters, among other things. Fight’N Rage will arrive on the Switch on September 26 and the XB1 on September 27, and while no release date has been announced yet, a PS4 version is planned, so watch out for it.