WayForward Unleash Spidersaurs Upon Apple Arcade

Well, we certainly knew WayForward was going to have a presence on Apple Arcade thanks to Shantae and the Seven Sirens, but some of us were not expecting a sudden, brand-new run-and-gun game from them available on launch day as well, largely because it flew under the radar despite an initial announcement. But such is the case with Spidersaurs, which is now available on the service, and whose launch trailer you can check out below. The developers are quick to point out their Contra 4 experience when it comes to this game, and indeed, it shows.

The trailer itself pretty much explains the basic plot, but for those unable to view it, it’s the near future, and Earth is screwed due to a lack of food. Luckily, INGESTCorp has a solution. Unluckily, it turns out said solution is to create spider/dinosaur hybrids as a meat source. When things predictably go wrong, it’s up to punk rock musician Victoria and officer-in-training Adrian to save the day. As the clip clearly establishes, Spidersaurs draws heavy inspiration from classic Saturday morning cartoons, and features a wide variety of enemies to battle and abilities to unlock, so consider giving it a whirl right now if you have access to Apple Arcade.