Pistol Whip Finding Its Beat with Launch Date Trailer

If there are two things VR does exceptionally well, it’s shooting galleries and music games.  Pistol Whip is a genre fusion of the two revealed at E3 this year, combining an incredible style as that’s equal parts SuperHot and John Wick.  Enemies are clearly human-shaped but rendered in broken silhouettes, strobing to beat as they go down to a barrage of pistol-based firepower.  The enemies attack to the rhythm in the auto-scrolling levels while the player is free to shoot as necessary, making the EDM tracks the orchestrator of the gun-fu violence rather than its overlord.

The full release plans are for ten songs, each with its own unique scenario, with more being added later.  Pistol Whip releases on November 7, and to set the tone for the pending release there’s a new trailer below.  Soak in the EDM and polish off your best John Wick impression, because Pistol Whip is hitting PC with PSVR coming up after.