Afterparty Pours Out a New Trailer

Last week, we finally received news of a release date for Night School Studio’s follow-up to Oxenfree, Afterparty. It came across as slightly odd that such a major announcement wasn’t accompanied by a new trailer, though. Today, though, we know at least a partial reason why there wasn’t a new clip: They were saving it for today’s State of Play showcase. A new trailer appeared alongside all of the other PlayStation announcements, and you can check it out below.

The new video is quite the notable mixture of gameplay and story elements this time around, quite possibly providing the most detail about the game as they can in a quick fashion. We finally get to see Satan in person, who complains about the newly-dead Milo and Lola learning about the loophole that lets them escape Hell if they defeat him in a drinking contest. We also get to see a literal personal demon assigned to our duo, some of the competitions they’ll be having against Satan’s relatives, and even more twisted areas and characters they can interact with. Afterparty comes out on October 29 for XB1, PS4, and PC via the Epic Games Store, with a Switch version to follow sometime later.