Felix the Reaper Gets Mini-Documentary, Release Date

Felix the Reaper has been shaping up into quite the intriguing puzzle game, a bizarre yet beautiful tale of a romantic reaper who literally dances through shadows and sets off chains of deadly events in the hopes of impressing the love of his life. You may be wondering how an idea like this comes to be, or when such a game is going to come out. Well, during today’s Inside Xbox showcase, both of those questions were answered. Said answers took the form of a mini-documentary, which you can check out below.

Throughout the video, we get to see developers Kong Orange and the various parts they play in bringing things together. Quite notably, we also learn about the initial inspiration for everything, which was classical paintings of Death dancing. Historians, dancers, and musicians have even been brought in to make sure this quirky concept gets executed as best as it can. The behind-the-scenes look ends with a release date of October 17, when Felix the Reaper will be available for all major platforms, so you don’t have an excuse to miss it.