The Last of Us Part II Gets a February 21 Release Date

The Last of Us Part II has been one of the most anticipated games for many for quite a while now, but like some sort of Bigfoot-style cryptid, so far we’ve only viewed it through various short glimpses, with major developments only seemingly happening on a yearly basis. But with a media event set for Thursday, we’re set to soon hear more about it. And just in time, because as an appetizer, today’s State of Play showcase from PlayStation gave us a new trailer that provided the release date, and it’s closer than one may have expected.

The new trailer has Ellie living in a cozy town with snow-capped cabins…up until tragedy strikes her during an expedition. It’s left vague as to what exactly happens, but it’s suggested that things aren’t looking good for Ellie’s new girlfriend, previously seen in the E3 2018 trailer. Now it looks like Ellie is heading out into the even larger world, out for revenge…and Joel will be teaming up with her again. The Last of Us Part II comes out for the PS4 on February 21, and stay tuned for more info on it.