October 2019’s Games With Gold Brings Out Friday the 13th for Halloween

Xbox Live’s Games with Gold lineup for October 2019 is here, and like more treats than tricks overall. Among these, the stand out is probably Friday the 13th: The Game. October is the month of horror after all, and nothing says “horror” than good ol’ Jason Voorhees. The asymmetrical multiplayer game certainly has its flaws, but is nonetheless worth picking up for those who haven’t yet given it a try.

Next up are Tembo the Badass Elephant and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge. The former follow Tembo the Elephant as he jumps, crashes and smashes through enemies in defense of his city. It’s a platformer that fans of the genre really shouldn’t miss. The latter game is about what one would expect from a Ninja Gaiden title. Prepare for some brutal challenges and plenty of ninjas. As for Bolt, it’s a standard movie-license game for kids who enjoyed the movie, nothing special there. See all the details in the announcement video below.