Post-Apocalyptic RPG Death Trash Enters Early Access in 2020

One of the most visually striking games with pixel art that tends to appear on Twitter and in Screenshot Saturday, Death Trash has been quite the impressive post-apocalyptic RPG so far. But for those wondering when we would actually be able to play it, developers Crafting Legends have now provided an answer. Proudly announcing that they have decided to self-publish the game, Death Trash will enter Early Access in early 2020, available on PC.

This news comes alongside a new trailer featured below, which shows off some gameplay. Unsurprisingly, it turns out that a came called Death Trash features quite a few twisted sights. In between a nice variety of gameplay, this semi-open world RPG also has puking, nudity, bloody shotgun battles, and cosmic horrors that you can either befriend or battle, among other things. There appears to be a nice variety of genres and a bit of humor in this wrecked world, and we can’t wait to experience it in Early Access next year, with XB1, Switch, and PS4 version to follow when the final game is ready.