Vietnam War Sim Radio Commander Gets a Release Date

Publisher Games Operators today announced a release date for the Vietnam War-inspired Radio Commander on PC.

Serious Sim’s real-time strategy title will be coming to Steam on October 10.

Radio Commander places players in the height of the Vietnam War, though not directly on the frontline.

The independent developer’s debut title, as its name suggests, has players taking control of a radio commander as they deliver orders to their comrades using only a radio and a map.

Players are responsible for giving out orders to help support U.S. soldiers on the frontline, ranging from sending helicopters to pick up wounded fighters to updating the tactical map.

Radio Commander, which draws inspiration from real-life accounts, will feature nine campaign missions and fifteen types of units.

Among the different types of units that the player will control are infantry, air cavalry, field artillery and air support.

According to Serious Sim, the title will carry over features from its successful Kickstarter campaign.

The Vietnam War sim will have three difficulties already set — Story Mode (Easy), Commander Mode and Veteran Mode (hard) — and also a Replay Mode feature.

Players have the option to use Replay Mode after they have finished a mission, allowing them to have access to the recording of their experience with their unit.

Serious Sim’s title also has Custom Missions Editor and Sandbox Mode for players to create Vietnam War scenarios and share them with friends to try out.

Radio Commander launched on Kickstarter back in March and had an initial target set of $10,000.

The RTS title was supported by 1,348 backers and successfully raised $28,657 on the crowdfunding platform.

“We are very happy that Radio Commander will soon reach the players, especially since their opinions and comments were valuable at every stage of development,” says Serious Sim designer Jakub Bukała.

“We hope that they will like the way we decided to present the Vietnam War — especially since no other game has done that.”