Dragon Quest XI S (Switch) Crossbow Target Guide

Editor’s Note: the Crossbow sections have sadly been removed from Dragon Quest XI S, but we’ve kept the pictures and guide below in case you’d like to try the game on a different platform.

Just as every JRPG has, there’s a bevy of side quests to partake in Dragon Quest XI. One of them happens relatively early on, shortly after your visit to Gallopolis. Here, you will be given a crossbow which becomes useful for shooting enemies from a far and luring them to you. Outside of that, there’s another function for this: destroying target sights that are scattered across the world.

In order to begin this quest, just talk to the muscular man in front of the Palace and he will set you on your journey to eradicate all signs across the world!

Below you will find all the locations for each of the targets. These have been neatly placed in their individual maps for each area to better help you on your journey.

The Champs Sauvage
Reward: 4 seeds of Therapeusis

The Costa Valor
Reward: 4 Seeds of Sorcery

Dundrasil Region
Reward: 4 Seeds of Defence

The Emerald Coast
Reward: 4 Seeds of Magic

Gallopolis Region
Reward: 4 Seeds of Strength

Insula Islands
Reward: 4 Pep Pips

Laguna di Gondolia
Reward: 4 Seeds of Deftness

The Manglegrove
Reward: 4 Seeds of Life

The Snaerfelt
Reward: 4 Sprigs of Pretty Betsy

Sniflheim Region
Reward: 4 Seeds of Skill

Zwaardsrust Region
Reward: 4 Seeds of Agility

For the final step, all you have to do is go back to the hooded man outside of the palace and he will give your reward: a Happy Hat.