Screenshot Saturday Featuring ScourgeBringer, The Serpent Rogue, More

Ah, the beginning of Autumn. The air gets crisp, pumpkin spice season gets kicked off, the leaves begin to change colors…all things I would have more time to enjoy if I didn’t have to waste time wading through dozens of Tweets with k-pop videos and others that abuse the #screenshotsaturday tag. Yes, assholes and trolls are still trying to invade a day dedicated to those who work at crafting (what will hopefully be) the next hit video games, who use the opportunity to show of their latest works in progress. It’s honestly starting to get a bit depressing, but as always, I soldier through to bring you some of the highlights from what popped up this weekend. So without further ado…

ScourgeBringer- Well, Recompile has gotten a lot of attention here in Screenshot Saturday, so it’s only fair that its sibling of sorts (both being jaw-dropping indie action games announced at the same time and set to be published by Dear Villagers next year) should get some more love here as well. And what we get to love here is how even just one single enemy in this roguelike platformer can lead to a good amount of beautiful, fast-paced, pixelated action. Can’t wait for it.

The Serpent Rogue- A hefty and intriguing third-person sandbox game with roguelike elements set in the Middle Ages where you play as a plague doctor who can craft all sorts of potions and apply them to various NPCs, either curing them, “curing” them, or causing several other effects to happen. Of course, then you have the occasional NPC like this capable of their own effects as well, whose music apparently encourages savage beasts instead of soothing them.

Laika: Aged Through Blood- Brainwash Gang were featured here two weeks ago with Damnview, accompanied by news concerning their current status after having gone through issues with their now-former publisher. This actually included the news that they were working on two additional games, though, and this is one of them. Things surrounding it are still a bit secret, just that it involves “motorbikes, shooting, motherhood, and really awesome characters,” but even this short bit does indeed look like some sweet and stylish biking action.

Kunai- Well, off the top of my head, I’d guess that this is the guy who helps upgrade your weapons/gear. Unless you’re asking us to guess his backstory, in which case, I’m stumped. But much like our tablet-headed character and their smiling face, him and his lair contribute a lot of personality to this already-impressive-looking metroidvania game.

Wildfire- When you can control the elements, you have all sorts of unique options when it comes to stealth gameplay. But sometimes, you really just can’t beat the “America’s Funniest Home Videos” approach, especially when it can provide priceless moments such as this. Can’t want to pull off these stunts in the final game.

Rising Hell- This uphill battle through Hell will be entering Early Access next month, and if you needed a reason to check it out when it does so, this brief snippet should hopefully do the trick. It’s classic, fast-paced arcade action that just looks like a hell of a good time (pun semi-intended).

Star Renegades- Ah, nothing like a little showcase of your game at various stages to really show how far it’s come. And in this case, not only do we get to see this sci-fi roguelike’s UI advance, but we see it evolve into its current blend of 2D and 3D graphics as well. Damn impressive stuff indeed.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill- Some would call biking down a mountain in foggy weather suicide. For speedrunners and gamers who demand a challenge, though, they would call it “flavor country.” And it looks like we’ll get a further taste of this flavor next week. A release date for this tantalizing biking game, perhaps?

WARSAW- Speaking of amazing-looking games with important developments coming next week, Wednesday sees the release of this turn-based tactical RPG that dears with the horrors of World War II, both traditional and psychological. Think a historical take on Darkest Dungeon, accompanied by some astounding graphics, as seen here.

Put ‘Em Up- Currently in Open Access over at Fig, what we have here is a heist game where we skip the animal masks in favor of just being able to play as anthropomorphic animals. The emphasis is on physics-based gameplay and co-op, though, as seen in this short clip that shows how wackiness can easily ensue.

Pawnbarian- We’ve seen countless roguelike games, & we’ve seen several roguelike games featuring deck-building (with several notable ones from this year alone), but those that bring chess into the mix as well? It’s safe to say that you have our attention now, then. It’s a unique combo that looks nice and challenging, so here’s hoping it goes well.

Linked Mask- This is indeed quite the impressive boss battle for a platformer that’s an ode to old Game Boy adventures, and…hold on…wait, this is a spoiler? Um…uh, the above tweet never happened, then. It’s erased from your memory. But the game hasn’t been erased. Just go with it.